Add Variable field as selection to trigger options

I want to send an automated email (via trigger) from a ticket to a specific mail address.
This address is an external address and not the customer (creator of the ticket).
I created an new ticket-field ‘contact_supplier’ (format: text; type: E-Mail).
But I can’t select this field in the trigger option.
How do I get this newly created field in this adress field?

I believe the recipient MUST be a user in Zammad (customer,agent,admin). You can just set them up as a user and then you will be able to email them via trigger.

Thank you for your response.

In my case I want to use a custom text field for an e-mail, so I don’t need to create a new ticket for the response with a supplier for example. In regard to our customer support it isn’t handy to change the customer to the supplier for them, cause they wan’t to monitor both sides customer and supplier related.

Zammad does not allow the usage of any variables outside of subject and body fields.

If you believe this is a missing functionality, feel free to create a feature request (if it does not yet exist) here: