Add Users, Clients and Organization as Objects


I think that the scheduler is a great way to delete the tickets, even if not as straightforward as adding a button/mass action to the tickets. BUT now that this was done, why not allows Users, Clients and Organization to be managed in the same way? even schedulers.

I’m not sure how everyone else is doing, but I guess everyone does some testing, and Zammad comes with a client and organization by default already which I’m assuming everyone is finding a way to delete. Probably using the console, but… why make it harder when you already added the option to delete tickets thru the scheduler? (which I’m assuming it was your way to make it simpler in regards to rights management, which seemed to be a concerned in another ticket on the deleting tickets subject).

So, while this sounds a lot like a “ME ME me” feature, I truly think that its a feature handy to everyone. Specially people like me that prefer to avoid the console whenever possible.

Let end the clutter, please?

PS: I’m loving Zammad, I was going to install another well known Support System when I found Zammado. I guess it was ma lucky day. :slight_smile:

Bulk delete of Users is on the way, stay tight.

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