Add Tooltip on all Icon without Text

Please add a tool-tip on all Icons without a Text-description. Also If text a description of an Icon disappear because of the small Browserwindow.


I already thought of that too :+1:

Is that really needed?
A agent should get a training. This is important to get the idea of the system and the workflow he is requested to follow.

And for endusers:
Is a ticket system really so difficult to understand for the enduser?
He could click on anything he is interested in and see what happens. He can´t destroy anything. So let him go.
The endusers are able to work with ebay, amazon and all that stuff without training and move-over. So he should be able to work with a ticketsystem too. :wink:

In think there are so many cool and useful feature requests that help admins and agents. I would prioritize them higher then tooltips.

I think it is more like an quality of life change - not high priority but helpful, especially for elderly employees who might not use Zammad on a daily basis. Some buttons and icons already do have tooltips and it should be a small task to add missing tooltips compared to some bigger feature requests.

I agree that this should be consistent. So two options: Remove the existing tooltips (eheheh :stuck_out_tongue: ) or extend the missing ones. I personally missed them on time accounting, the arrow down is not that self describing as a download button, if you don’t expect that to work :wink:

Edit: But I can understand gwingend here, as a training should be made if the agent shall work effecient. In the end our documentation should be a good place to start to.

I currently work on translation of the documentation to solid english (to be able to translate it to other languages after wards haha)

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From my point of view, there are only 10 icons which would need a tooltip. It would improve the experience for users with smaller displays where descriptions are hidden (e.g. 19 inch, 1280x1024)

  • ticket settings
  • marker
  • toggle internal/external
  • compose mail
  • forward mail
  • split ticket article
  • delete article
  • ticket details
  • customer details
  • organization details



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