Add time_unit to the Api at the ticket_articles

it is possible to add the time_unit at every ticket_article when getting it via the API ? The associated Documentation is at:
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That way I can send a detailed report to my customers on time spend on a ticket by having the timeunit per article.


We would also like to have this feature to automate parts of our work time records

I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same issue, it would be good for the time accounting to be linked to the articles instead of the ticket or it could be linked to both, with the ticket having the total of the time of all articles. This would also solve the problem when merging two tickets that have time in both tickets, it my understanding that the time on the child is lost now.
Sometimes when tickets spread over a few days and accumulate lots of time, it would be great to be able to show what we spent the time on if needed.

Single accounted times already are available within the ticket history and thus could technically be divided or taken from that ticket if needed.

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Thanks for that. I found the history and can see there’s some info there.
Is there any way to populate the related_o_id and related_history_object_id to the articles or instead of setting history_object_id=4 to 5 and the article_id in the o_id?
I made a search fro history_object_id=5 and history_attribute_id=19 and nothing comes up.
It’s not a deal breaker but it would be a nice thing to have.
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What you’re looking for is the attribute o_id.

o_id can be, from my knowledge two ID origins or either:

  • ticket ID
  • ticket article ID (related_o_id then is set with resolves to the ticket ID)

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