Add possibility to store JSON documents in attributes

In our env. tickets are created via API by automations which are doing integration work, ie. for every imported invoice from the supplier, ticket is created which is assigned to the purchasing department, then invoice is parsed and imported by ERP, if operation finished with success, ticket is closed, but when opposite, ticket stays open and escalated - employee is notified about the problem with specified invoice.
We are using attributes like “source_number_1”, “source_number_2”, “source_number_3” which are not visible via UI and have their meaning with defined attribute “ticket_type” so ie.

  • ticket_type:“PurchaseDepartment::PurchaseInvoice”, source_number_1 means supplier invoice number
  • ticket_type:“SalesDepartment::OnlineOrder”, source_number_1 means online order number

In summary ticket is the timeline which is filled with informations by the automation workers. Sometimes there is a need to store ie. JSON data like request and response from the external systems and make them accessible and searchable from the custom tooling, possibility to set indexes on these fields is a must.

Attribute with the JSONB type could be the solution which will be not available via UI.

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