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I would like to have a paginator for the search detail page. Until now, the maximum number of displayed results is 50. If you have more, you cannot find them.

(There are more than 50. I checked with the REST-API :wink: )

There are often cases where we want to look, how a problem was solved by another person or what was decided in a specific situation, but the topic is so generic, that you cannot precise the search any more. So we want to click through the search results via a “next page” button. And maybe you could add the real result count.

I checked in elastic search, if this is possible: at least the pagination should be technically possible:

and maybe this helps




Right now i have to build an overview or use the cli for this.
Therefore i’m totally with you on this.


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I had this topic several times the last weeks now.
What I got from the Devs is that this works as designed.

Our approach is that if you have more than 50 search results, your search is wrong or too overall.

I personally can totally understand that (really) and would love pagination, too.

Hello MrGeneration,

first of all: Thanks for discussing with the Devs :slight_smile:

I know that the search is not precise enough, but there are several ways to describe complex topics, which don’t have a precise name.
We are a small company which sells only a few products and support them. So the tickets will always use the same products, have similar topics, same customers, similar…
So it’s just a matter of statistics: if you have a small numer of tickets, it’s no problem to find a specific one. If you have thousands (in our case nearly 100.000 articles and I think that this is a small size Zammad) it gets more and more a problem to find it in 50 results.
And there is always my little brain that tells me, if I just see the ticket title, I know that this is the right one I was looking for :wink:


And beside that. I don’t know another search, which doesn’t have a paginator.

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No problem, really :slight_smile:
I mean I work differently too… I don’t stop at the 4th page of google results if I really am sure my search phrase is good enough. :slight_smile:

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