Add option "send to role" in email action


I would love to have ability to send emails not only to “users” or “predefined variables”, but also to “roles”
That would achieve following pros:

  • Easier following Role model - you don’t need to change user in multiple triggers, you just need to change role of user
  • Easier management - if you use LDAP group sync you can just remove AD group from old user and add it to new one

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Is your AD LDAP from Exchange domain ? If yes, you can simply create a distribution group for each group and they will be imported into Zammad through “LDAP Sync”.

That’s may solve the 2nd problem, but that’s not solution in regards to “role model”

ok maybe we are talking about 2 different places, you mean the normal emailing to customers or when creating tickets ?

Mostly I’m about Trigger and Schedulers actions.
For example, you have role “Managers of Stuff” (it’s actually 3 ppl). And we have 2 Triggers -

  1. New ticket
  2. On ticket close

And 2 Schedulers:

  1. For escalation in case no one answer to ticket for 1 day
  2. For VIP escalations in case no one answer to ticket in 30 mins

So, now Agent X no longer works in “Managers of Stuff” department. So I need to change him in 5 places to change all notifications (Role + 2 triggers + 2 schedulers).

If we there would be ability to send message only to role “Managers of Stuff” there would be only 1 place to change it.

Basically in role model - you don’t connect notifications to ppl, you connect them to roles, which simplify the process in case of adding new ppl or removing old ppl

oh yes, there are fixed variables to choose from. I would also have liked to use “fields variables” there to be able to trigger notification to third parties.