Add only outgoing mail for the group SMTP

Good day!
Friends tell me please, is it possible to add only outgoing mail for the group (SMTP Yandex)?
For example: there Is a “Support-tech” group that receives requests from the mail channel. (imap and smtp Can I configure agents in this group to send emails via smtp It is important just to send from, but not receive.
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  • Used Zammad version: 3.4
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18
  • Browser + version: Chrome

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yes - that’s perfectly possible on selfhosted setups.
This page gives hints for it for sendmail:

So you’d proberbly look for something like this on a rails console:

mychannel = Channel.create(
   area: 'Email::Account', 
   options: { 
      inbound: { 
         adapter: 'null', 
         options: {} 
      outbound: { 
         adapter: 'smtp' ,
         options: {
            host: "{hostname-smtp-server}", 
            user: "{username-mailaccount}", 
            password: "{password-mailaccount}", 
            port: {smtp-server-port},
            ssl: true,
            domain: Setting.get('fqdn'), 
            enable_starttls_auto: true
   active: true, 
   preferences: { 
      editable: false 
   updated_by_id: 1, 
   created_by_id: 1
   realname: Setting.get('organization'), 
   email: "{email-address-email-account}", 
   active: true, 
   created_by_id: 1, 
   updated_by_id: 1

This will create an outbount only smtp account together with it’s mail address you can then use for groups.

Technically you can also use the same mail addresses (outgoing) on more than one group.
If there’s no ticket (so no follow up) it will automatically be routet to the destination group.

If you then move this ticket to another group and a follow up happens on that ticket, the answer will automatically appear on the already existing ticket.

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