Add Mention Notification Settings

Hi there, first wanted to say thank you to all contributors to the Zammad project! The latest mentions feature in 4.0.0 iss a very welcome addition, and I wanted to suggest a fairly small, but impactful enhancement to it.

The ability to manage mention notifications and their settings in per-user profile settings would be fantastic:

This way, users can choose to either entirely ignore mentions, or on the other hand, specifically receive emails to gain even extra attention to the mention. This would make mentions even more powerful and customizable by the end user.

Thanks again!

Your screenshot actually already contains your feature request.
“Subscribed tickets” does also cover initial mentions.


but this seems to include what I asked for:

To mention and to subscribe should not be the same.
The Mention and Subscribe Feature is great, but needs some more functions:

  • unsubscribe other users
  • setup, if a mention means a subscription

I agree that a mention or subscription should not be the same. Especially on notifying a ticket group team, where it would be very useful to have a better personalization experience for notifications on self hosted instances.

From the picture above for example, after having mentioned someone in a
Ticket Note you only get a standard notification that a ticket has been actualized.

It would be useful to have a notification where a user get extra information like: “You have been mentioned in Ticket XxXx” or a clearer description on how to customize them in Zammad documentation System Notifications — Zammad documentation . It seems difficult to follow how Mentions and Notifications work in /opt/zammad/app/views/ for online_notification or ticket_update.

Thanks for the feedback!

That’s intentional to reduce the complexity of this function.
Other wise we’d need to use several independent templates for these situations.

Currently we use “ticket updated” ones which technically isn’t invalid.
Any way, if you still feel this should be changed, create a new feature request please.

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