Add group membership controls inside the group's settings

Hello hello,

Do you think it would be possible to add an easy way to list (or even better, a way to manage) the agents who are members of a group when creating or editing said group?

Zendesk for example offers ways of controlling the user-group relationship both from the user profile and the group settings. This way, depending on how one is approaching the task, you always get the information you are looking for. I.e.:

  • If I look at a user’s profile, I can quickly see which groups they belong to. A quick way to answer the question “Does John belong to the group Disney?”.
  • If I look at a group’s settings, I can quickly see the list of users. A quick way to answer the question “Who belongs to the group Disney?”

I found a workaround to see the list of members, but this requires opening/accessing a ticket.

Let me know if I need to clarify the request a bit more. Cheers!

In my setup, I generally do not set any group permissions at the user level. Instead, I use roles. So there is a user - role relationship and a role - group relationship.

Then I assign a user to 1…n roles. And the user list allows you to filter by role assignment.

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Interesting, but that doesn’t solve the underlying problem. I think each feature has its use, and we could simply have a better experience if managing users and groups.