Add following link in reply ticket email and ticket number on subject


i need to add in email text body the following link (ex.: [#{config.http_type}://#{config.fqdn}/#ticket/zoom/#{}]) and in the subject reply the ticket number! is it possible?

Yes it is.

is the URL to the Ticket (you self answered that one …)

is the number of the ticket (not the ID)

Pro tip: You can use :: on the backend for variables…

But it is not possible to insert them automatically? At least the link in the text?

Zammad will create a clickable URL from it.
You need the above posted variables so Zammad uses this.

If this is not what you’re searching for, please describe your problem in more details.Maybe provide screenshots, because from your questions I don’t understand what your problem is.

Is there a way to give the link a readable text ? so the customer doesn’t see the entire URL, for example this link

Yes, but only via API or Console, as this needs some haxoring.

Well, I’m afraid I didn’t understand. I have a trigger that sends the customer an email when the ticket is updated, in the body of the email says: “Hello, your ticket was updated…”, but I want the customer to be able to click the “your ticket” words to go to the ticket zoom in zammad. Something like this: Hello, your ticket was updated…

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