Add Discord-based authentication (or at least support it using Generic OAuth)

Hello everybody,

we are currently evaluating using Zammad as our support system for our Discord guild and I’m trying to use Discord as an OAuth provider for Zammad.

I have set the settings as follows:

Authorize_URL: /oauth2/authorize?scope=identify email&response_type=token
Token_URL: /oauth2/token

However when trying to log in, I get an error (422) invalid_credentials.

Also, even after explicitly setting the response_type to token in the authorize URL, Zammad still performs a request with the type code.

What does Zammad expect as a response from an authorization provider?

Also, as Discord has gained a lot of popularity in the last years, it may be a worthwhile option to integrate it before talking about generally removing generic OAuth.

Thank you

Tobias Timpe

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Please note that the generic oAuth2 is out of support, is not working and never has.
We’ll be removing oAuth2 (generic) in future versions of Zammad.


Edit: You can at any time create a post in the feature request category for voting

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