Add customer objects (columns) in overviews


I would Integrate customer information in agent tickets overview columns.

Example :
I added some custom objects in customers like complaint (select 0 to 5) and complaint_note (text) to add some informations to other agents about customer complaining and level how “poor” customer could be. But I would show that customer quality (0 for “good customer” to 5 for “4 or more complaints”) in a column in tickets.

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Can you please explain where you expect this information?
Maybe a screenshot helps to understand your requirement better.

What I want is to be able to add some columns in ticket views about the customer, and mostly “custom” object I created on customer.

That’s already possible within Zammad core functionaltiy and is overview dependend. Check your overview configuration.

When I create or edit an overview, I can use that columns as a condition but cannot check them to be shown (attribute).

I can see custom fields linked to ticket but not to user.

Ugh, my bad! You’re totally right. That doesn’t affect user objects, sorry! :see_no_evil:

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