Add custom organization attributes to be used in triggers


we are using zammad 2.7.
We have organziations to whom we give support. Each organziation has a certan SLA.

So my understanding currently the SLA in zammad can be set to a ticket via a trigger.
The trigger can filter for the organziation in a new ticket and set the SLA.
With this possibility I end up doing to things when a new customer/organization subscribes:

Current workflow

  1. create the new organization in zammad
  2. create a new trigger, that filters for this organization and sets the SLA

So currently I need to visit two places (new customer/organization and new trigger).

I think the following would be more user frienfly

Requested workflow

It might make sense to enhance the organization with an additional attribute (maybe with a custom attribute) like SLA.

Then I only have to configure ONE trigger one time, that puts Organziation.SLA == ... into the certain SLA.

When now a new organization comes, I only need to do one step:

  1. create the new organization in zammad with a certain attribute

It would be greate if you could consider this, since it massively eases the workflows.
Thanks a lot

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