Add command to merge users

Could you please integrate a function to merge two contacts (when they are really one user),

Often customers have more than one e-mail address or there is an email and a phone “user” for the same person. It’s a very common feature (and important, IMHO).


Zammad currently does not support multiple E-Mail-Addresses per user.
This is imho a very huge change within the core.

Don’t missunderstand me, it’s a usefull feature, but I don’t think we’ll manage to bring this too sonn.

That’s very unfortunate. Let’s hope you’re wrong and it can be done more easily :wink: Perhaps a workaround could be to link users together somehoe, but I fear that’s counterproductive.

Anyway, merging users would be important nonetheless. Often you need to merge a email-only contact with a phone-only contact, being the same person.

I would like to have this feature also we do not need the possibility to add more than one mail address but it would be interesting to merge their company name into it.
–> Allow create Alias Company

May another way if there is a possibility to link contacts together like the contact-App on android does. It allows linking with contacts from several sources.

I would vote for both ways.

See also:

This is very important feature for us too.

Please give the first post a heart then, this is to measure the need.

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