Active directory LDAP Sync for subdomains

I’m testing Zammad 4.1 on Centos OS
in our organization we have a AD root domain with 3 sub domains.
i would like to sync users from and also from

Should i register the root domain ldaps:// ?
the users in sub-domains will be able to login with ad credentials ?
Is there any other way to configure multiple ldap-sync processes ?

Than you
I Appreciate your help.

Follow up… i tested with a slapd-proxy with meta backend to proxy multiple AD servers: i can list all AD users (2500 users) with ldapsearch from command line BUT zammad sync can find only 380 users.
I think Zammad is not exploring the whole ldap tree. Did anyone experience a similar situation ?

I read in the community about configuring multiple ldap server using rail console, can anyone provide some advice ?

Thank you

I’m still looking for a solution to integrate multiple ldap-domains using slapd-meta or zammad config filles. Can anyone give some advice ? Is versiong 5 addressing this issue in some way ?
Thank you

Zammad doesn’t support multiple LDAP servers at this moment.
You can subscribe to the following issue that does handle this. You’ll also see when it’s coming to Zammad as soon at’s the time.

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