Access Attachments api/v1/attachements location to update and replace screenshots/Apng's Knowledge Base articles


  • Used Zammad version: 4.0x
  • Installation method (source, package, …): any
  • Operating system: any
  • Database + version: any
  • Elasticsearch version: any
  • Browser + version: Chrome 98.0.4758.82

Expected behavior:

Whenever an application is updated, this will affect some of the views within the application. Knowledge base contains screenshots or .apng which should be replaced at some time when the view of the application is outdated. Files are now stored somewhere in a list. It would be helping to have access to the attachements and adjust ID’s such that you can replace Knowledge base files without editing every article that should be updated with screenshots.

For example: In the overview of attachements to the articles, I see there are 10 screenshots which are outdated. I have 10 new screenshots. I want to replace those screenshots such that the new screenshot is showed in the Knowledge Base article.

Actual behavior:

An application is updated and have several updates on the way it is viewed. In the Knowlege Base, articles show instructions on how to do things with screenshots and .apng’s. Some Screenshots and .apng’s might be used in multiple articles. Currently, you’ll have to open each article to see if the screenshots and .apng’s are outdated. In this case you need to edit every article on which this is applicable and change the picture.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

For Example:

  • Create 10 articles on the Knowledge Base with screenshots on how to log-in on your application, how the log-in screen works and how you can request a new password
  • The application for which you use the Knowledge Base is updated and now shows differences in the log-in screen and password request.
  • Edit the 10 articles and update the screenshots used to show the same display as the application.