Ability to show hints on ticket creation via web

Hi there,
it would be nice to be able to show hints to the customers on ticket creation in the web interface.
As for now it seems to be imposible to give tooltips or presets to our customers for the ticket creation, so we get many tickets that aren’t feeded with information as expected.

I see multiple ways how we could achive this:

  • Make the fillable fields in the web interface all customisable (to some degree) like being able to change the text that describes the fields. For now the fields “Title” and “Text” are fixed.
  • Add a text to the “Text” field as a description so you can tell the customers what information they need to provide in the article. This option exists for the ticket creation for agents when entering the customer:

You are aware that the part of the ticket dialogue you’re showing there is not part of the version the customer sees? You may want to have closer looks to the documentation asap, especially: Roles — Zammad documentation

Possible data leak on your end.

The image I send is a part of the dialogue only agents can see. I tried to use it as an example what i would like to see for the field “Text” on the dialogue. This would be the dialogue customers see: