Ability to set up a proper auto-reply in a trigger

I’ve been tasked to set up an auto-reply trigger, that is, a trigger that answers certain tickets instead of an agent. I’ve currently set it up as follows:


  • Ticket Action: is: created
  • Article From: contains:
  • Sender: is: Customer


  • Notification Email
    • Visibility: public
    • Recipient: Customer
  • State: pending close
  • Pending till: relative: 1: month

This works, but now as well as I’d hoped. The two main problems:

  • The ticket doesn’t actually show the reply that the trigger has sent. Instead it just displays a single line “Subject” → “recipient’s email address”.
  • In my private gmail account, the auto-reply is displayed as a separate email instead of a reply to my original outgoing mail. I believe that this is due to the fact that the auto-reploy contains only a References: header, but not an In-Reply-To header.

I suppose that the Notification Email action isn’t really intended for the purpose I want to use it for; it seems better suited for short “we’ve received you mail and will reply shortly” autoresponses that aren’t actual responses. So this is my feature request: an auto-reply action that can be used in place of a proper agent response :slight_smile: