Ability to reassign an existing chat to someone else

Sometimes, the chat operator doesn’t know the answer because (for example), he’s from sales and it’s a technical question.

It would be very interesting to be able for someone else to take over the chat, or let the operator to assign someone else.


Did you check the chat function?
You already can move the chat to another chat topic which allows exactly that.

The only thing it doesn’t allow are specific pointings to a specific user.
That’s a bad idea any way because of the way the Zammad chat works.


Sorry but I don’t understand or I missed a button somewhere? Where could I move the chat to another topic?

Oh okay got it. Right now, I used “Chat topics” for each different website. But I suppose I can use also topics for different group people in the org.

Clicking on (in my case) “en #3508” will provide a context menu for transfering.

Thanks got it! I missed it, it will solve my issue.

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