Ability to provide custom error messages via error message overrides

describe what is the problem you like to solve:
Currently, error messages are not customizable and may not fit with the workflow of every environment.

describe one or two concrete situations where this problem hurts the most:
For example, an invalid login displays:
“Login failed. Have you double-checked your credentials and completed the email verification step?”
In my environment all users are synced from Active Directory - there is no email verification step at all, and it’s confusing for end-users to be told to go check for an email. It would be great to be able to override the default message to: “Login failed. Double check your username and password. If you recently updated your password, you will need to use your new one here as well.” or something similar.

why is it not solvable with the Zammad standard:
Maybe it is, and I’m just not seeing the option

Help us understand:
describe WHAT is your expectation / WHAT do you want to achieve?

In cases of other error messages, it would be great to be able to override them as well (a long-term solution vs. an override for just the login message - I am sure every other error message may have a use case for changing the verbiage as well). A table of all messages that can possibly show in the error box with the default on one side and a changeable field the active current text on the other would be great - these could just be stored in variables that are called vs. hardcoded text. Currently I believe we have to build from source to change error messages - this override feature would make Zammad more dynamic.

Usecase environment:

  • average concurrent agent count? 5
  • average tickets a day? 15
  • what roles/people are involved? customers, agents
  • everything else which you think is useful to understand your use case? N/A

Apologies for the duplicate post - my original post was marked no-template, which removed my ability to edit/correct it, and I am unable to message any staff about whether that bars the original post from consideration or ask about which texts to include from the template within the post.


thank you for this one! We see this more as a bug and created an issue on GitHub. You can follow the progress here: