A more "web"-based workflow

Hi everyone,

And first, thanks for this amazing project. I started to test it since few hours and it looks like very powerful.

However, I’d like to push some feedback, you can see that as a “Feature request” but also to understand what I think matters in modern a support/helpdesk software (so my 2 cents). Note this isn’t especially complicated to implement, but more a matter on “how” to use something.

Right now, for our Open Source projects support (Xen Orchestra and XCP-ng, for paid pro support) we are using a front office inside our own app, and Gitlab as the “backend” and backoffice.

Frankly, it’s great but there’s some limitation: we don’t want to continue to maintain it and add some “rules” to manage more and more complex support workflow.

So I tested Zammad. That’s really impressive, all the backoffice features are wonderful (trigger etc.). Congrats!

However, the conversation with the user is… very limited: no Markdown support (which is a pain when dealing with stacktraces!). Despite this is -to me again- the most crucial part of software: something that looks like more like a GitLab/GitHub ticket for example :slight_smile:
Also, there’s no way to “send” the content of the message without clicking on “Update”. Why not having Ctrl+Enter? That would be faster.
Finally, I would say far too much space is used between question and answer. You need to scroll a lot and just having less space would be far more efficient.

Here is a workflow: the customer could create tickets from the web portal (currently internal, but hopefully soon outside our code to get rid of this part). The customer is able to use a basic selector for the kind of trouble (commercial support, technical support on product 1 or technical support on product 2, or even CRITICAL request which could trigger notifications).

As you can see, this is not compatible with an email workflow (and to be fair, I don’t like emails in general, I’m happy to get rid of them).

Any suggestion on what I can do right now on my side? (maybe I’m not using the software “the right way”). Thank you for taking time to read!

Regarding the Markdown issue: Although far from perfect I am using a Markdown plugin for chrome currently which enables me to atleast insert some elements like code and stuff.

Do you know if there’s any plan to move more on the web “ticket”-focused workflow?

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