502 Bad Gateway after Update


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  • Used Zammad version: 2.6
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) rpm
  • Operating system: CentOS 7
  • Browser + version: firefox, Chrome, IE

Actual behavior:

  • 502 Bad Gateway after update to 2.6

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I’m new to Zammad but whenever I got this error, I either misconfigured the file /etc/nginx/conf.d/zammad.conf or I wasn’t patient enough after executing zammad restart :see_no_evil:. Did you check the logs?

restart the zammad service and afterwards your webserver service.

Sometimes it just takes a minute for zammad to run completly. This may be caused by too low hardware specifications. Please ensure that you fullfill the hardware requirements: https://docs.zammad.org/en/latest/prerequisites-hardware.html

Hardware is 6 cores and 12 GB RAM.
i Have do the restart but the problem is the same.

502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.10.2

Please take a look into the nginx-logfiles, you should find the cause for this there.
You can provide log + configuration, if you want to.

I have do a update of CentOS again, and now i have no problem because the same problem with elasticsearch in the user tap

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