500 error when trying to add any package

Hi i am using zammad 5.2.x and when i click on “add package”

i get a 500 error

so the url i end up after clicking on the button that shows the error page is


this is what i see in the log at that time

I, [2022-08-03T11:34:07.194551 #1004001-140194520] INFO – : Started POST “/api/v1/packages” for at 2022-08-03 11:34:07 +0200
I, [2022-08-03T11:34:07.205336 #1004001-140194520] INFO – : Processing by PackagesController#install as HTML
I, [2022-08-03T11:34:07.205359 #1004001-140194520] INFO – : Parameters: {“authenticity_token”=>“(removed for security)”}
E, [2022-08-03T11:34:07.212167 #1004001-140194520] ERROR – : undefined method read' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError) app/controllers/packages_controller.rb:21:in install’
app/controllers/application_controller/has_download.rb:21:in block (4 levels) in <module:HasDownload>' app/controllers/application_controller/has_download.rb:20:in block (3 levels) in module:HasDownload
app/controllers/application_controller/has_download.rb:19:in block (2 levels) in <module:HasDownload>' app/controllers/application_controller/handles_transitions.rb:16:in handle_transaction’
I, [2022-08-03T11:34:07.216319 #1004001-140194520] INFO – : Rendered inline template (Duration: 0.3ms | Allocations: 273)
I, [2022-08-03T11:34:07.216429 #1004001-140194520] INFO – : Completed 500 Internal Server Error in 11ms (Views: 1.7ms | ActiveRecord: 2.8ms | Allocations: 7147)

i actually understand the problem now, its a bit of a usability problem in combination with a small bug

what i expected to happen when i click the button “Paket installieren” was that i was presented with options of packages i can install or some other page/ui

however it seems like the button is actually tied to the tiny nearly invisible “browse” button on the left, and if you add a .zpm package their it works

however if you just click the button without adding anything to the “browse” file picker, then you end up on the 500 error page, i think that confused some other users too (cause when googling for the error i found some other posts on this)

I’d say a UI bug report which wouldn’t allow pressing the install packages button if no package in the browser field is provided sounds reasonable.

Feel free to do so on GitHub - zammad/zammad: Zammad is a web based open source helpdesk/customer support system and please make sure to link this issue as well so that people understand why. :slight_smile:

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