Zammad's Suitability and Group Limits

Hello there!

My team and I are considering using Zammad. I am not very familiar with helpdesk or order management products. I have read some documentation and am unsure if Zammad will be suitable for our use case. Our use case is something like order management. Our service allows providers to display their services, the user is able to order the service, after such an order a ticket should be created, where the provider can have a conversation with the user. The issue is that there should be many providers and they should not see the interactions of other providers with users. It appears that our use case can be handled by groups rather than organisations, but I have not found any information in the documentation about the number of such groups that can be created.

I would like to know if such an implementation is possible and what the limits are on the number of groups.

Thanks for your help, and have a great weekend!

Zammad agents (which the provider has to be in that scenario) can always see all customers. This thus would be a data leak.

You’re not looking for a classical helpdesk in my personal opinion. I understand your use case like fiver: You buy, you communicate and you receive the product after. That’s an entirely different type of communication way.

I have chosen not to provide a detailed account of the process in question. Our service enables service providers to make their computing services available to researchers. In such cases, providers require a chat to discuss matters such as the availability of resources on a particular period of time. Once the user has selected the service, a ticket is created for the specific provider. Is it possible in Zammad to assign groups to agents (providers) so that they can view the specific users who have selected the relevant services and not see other users?

We are not seeking a traditional helpdesk; we previously managed this process through JIRA.

Thank you for your help and have a great time

I believe I answered your question already.

I understand, it is not possible to prevent agents from viewing all clients. thanks