Zammad with NGINX Layer 7 loadbalancing

Dear All,
We already setup Zammad in a separate domain “”, and we want to integrate it with other services, so we are moving to “” by enabling NGINX layer 7 HTTP load-balancing. NGINX is the frontend to route to specific services based HTTP URI request, and zammad is one of it. If you know the changes needed in the source code or configuration, then pls let me know. I really appreciate your support and take the time to read it.

Thanks for your support

Hi @dinesh121991

usually you do not modify the applications running behind the LB…

You only need to configure the LB on nginx properly to point to the right resources…

…for further info.


We had this discussion already.
You can’t run Zammad within subdirectories. No matter if they’re virtual or not.

You can rewrite all those things on the fly, however, there’s no map that will help you. It’s out of our scope and explicitly not supported by Zammad. This will cause yet unknown issues.

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