Zammad news via RSS?

Hi all,

is it possible to fetch the official zammad announcements (Alles über New Work, Open Source und Helpdesk | Zammad Blog) via RSS feed?


Hi Christoph,

we did not think of that since twitter. Is RSS still a thing?
I need to check our CMS if there is an RSS plugin available and come back to you.


Yes. RSS is still alive.

@Hannes what about displaying zammad news in the zammad dashboard when the agent logs in? Every zammad admin/agent should be interested in knowing about new cool features, because they can help them to make their life easier.
Maybe you could provide a switch in the user profile if the agents wants to the news- feed not to be displayed.

Or maybe think about doing it the way the idoit-guys do:
They have the option in idoit that each agent can configure it‘s individual dashboard. Therefore they provide different gadgets for the dashboard i.e. a gadget the shows the last modified CIs of the agent. One of the gadgets is an idoit-news feed.

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It’s on our list to have a customizable dashboard, this would also include widgets.
But there is no ETA yet.


RSS for Kirby:

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this is implemented by now, you can find the RSS subscription button on the Releases Page as well as on the Blog :slight_smile:


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