Zammad & FusionPBX/Freeswitch


Hello Laylow
Could you point me on the way to download the needed lua scripts from that forum ? even after registration i do not have permission to download from there :frowning:

The moderator has to approve your account. Pls allow him some time ok? Please check your spam box

there was no any mention of approval on registration (i may have missed it?) that’s why i presumed there was some technical glitch, anyway thanks for update i was approved by moderator , installed the script and everything works flawlessly.

Nice to hear it works for you! Any additional work and/or progress would be appreciated, to be shared here.

I have put everything (with DigiDaz’s permission) up as a github repo here: added a readme and what to set up in the dialplan.

Thank you and DigiDaz!

Neat, thanks for your work!