Zammad Developer Documentation?

It would be nice to have a zammad developer documentation. I would love to learn how the back-end structure is, front-end designed, adding and using its API, etc…
I’m sure, having this would add a lot of contributors to this awesome project. We can take a look Discourse’s experience how important is having a lot of contributors, they created beginners guide called Discourse as Your First Rails App after a while the project was started. Now, take a look how many contributors they have and the project went so far.
They make money from it and the community got benefit from it.



Hi @Achu - Thanks a lot for your interest in working on Zammad and the examples you provided. As our development team grows we create these information and documentations. However they are all in an early stage and not ready for public yet. I assure you that we will make them public over the next month.

In the meantime: Ask any questions as they arise :+1:

I would like to contribute to the building of this project. Looking forward for developer friendly documentation. Apparently SPINE JS is pretty old and does not seem to have much community support which makes understanding the code all the lot more harder.

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Hi @maheshahir - nice! Please ask questions as they arise while we don’t have the documentation yet.

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I will also add my desire to contribute to this project. I just put a docker deployment into production in my workplace, and would love to contribute with a few of the things I would like to see.
So some documentation would be pretty helpful, look forward to it’s release.

Going to try jumping in the deep end anyway…