Zammad 2.4 - Release Notes

Here you find the release notes for the newly released version 2.4 of Zammad.
The packages will be available later this day. Sorry for the delay this month. We had some larger issues regarding Elasticsearch and the attachment plugins which took more time than expected.

Implemented enhancements:

  • Autocomplete Email-Address-Fields #338 [enhancement]
  • API: Ticket creation - wrong user in notifcations, activity stream #1805 [enhancement]
  • Admin interface: Generic clone function for objects
  • RichText: Adjustment of the image size which were inserted from the clipboard
  • Admin users can be disabled by Agents #1794 [bug]
  • Failing Scheduler Delayed::Job - jobs are not listed in the monitoring result #1866 [enhancement]
  • Reset owner of ticket on followup if owner is invalid or has no access to group anymore. #1816 [enhancement]

Fixed bugs:

  • Clearing the entered value in a not required ticket field #1882
  • Pending till date not displayed correctly? #1716 [bug]
  • Login fails after fast logout right after previous login #1859 [bug]
  • customer field in customer_ticket_new when customer is logged in #1856 [bug]
  • Direct access to organization tickets possible even though shared is deactivated #1857 [bug]
  • Can’t create email-account with local MTA as outgoing server #1852 [bug]
  • Role - Group cant be unchecked #1488 [bug]
  • Can’t un-link i-doit Objects in a Ticket #1733 [bug]
  • Issues in the rights-management #1810 [bug]
  • Sometimes pending time is show as first ticket attribute #949 [bug]
  • Taskbar item race condition causes JS exception #1841 [bug]
  • The column widths of a table are shifted after manual change and use of pagination. #1829 [bug]
  • Auto assignment of unassigned tickets at first open time #1825 [enhancement]
  • Boolean default option in object manager not selecting when it is already saved #1792
  • Ticket shown multiple times in overview #1769 [bug]
  • JS error on creating new customer #1813 [bug]
  • Customer response via note does not trigger escalation #1322 [bug]
  • Reporting: profile condition is ignored #1809 [bug]
  • LDAP authentication doen’t work in 2.3.x #1795 [bug]
  • Missing create/add customer from ticket #1522 [bug]
  • XSS issue in ticket overview #1869 [bug]