Zammad-2.4.0 on Ubuntu-18.04

I’ve installed zammad on ubuntu-18.04 using the “install from source” procedure. It worked out pretty OK, the main hurdle is the step when installing ruby. This is done using the zammad user and at one point, root privileges are required in order to install the dependencies. The standard procedure asks for the password of zammad. This doesn’t work for me, because

a) the user doesn’t have a password
b) even with password, the user isn’t allowed to “sudo” anything

In case anyone is interested, I’d be able to provide a description of the while procedure.

Best regards, Uli


not sure if this really should be a Feature request. If this is about documentation, it would be great to know where you struggle begun so the documentation can be edited if needed:

Also, using “su” could be easier if you’re struggling with sudoers-configuration, just as idea.
But please share the problems so in future everything can be clearer and easier. :slight_smile:

@MrGeneration: Can we change the category of this topic so it suits better?

Related to the docs: I’m willing to provide a pull request. How shall this look like?

  • I followed the existing doc
  • I used apache instead of nginx
  • I executed this: echo "zammad ALL=(root)NOPASSWD:/usr/bin/apt-get" >/etc/sudoers.d/zammad before switching to the zammad user
  • Probably all of this works on previous ubuntu versions, too, but it is not necessary. I tried on ubuntu 16.04 before using nginx at the only issue was ruby-2.4.2 instead of 2.4.1
  • Do you prefer things like “if ubuntu1804 then …” and “if apache then …”?
  • Or do you prefer a simple linear doc like it is today?

Thanks for your guidance + best regards, Uli

Actually we are currently waiting for the packaging service we are using ( to apply the changes we need to our account. See the following issue for more details:

@uli-heller I cannot change the category and if you can’t too, maybe the admin can (but not sure).

To your pull request question:
Personally I think that “Prerequisites” would be a good place to put it.
Something like

  • Prerequisites (Ubuntu 18.04)

stuff to do

  • Prerequisites (Debian 7/8, Ubuntu 16.x)

stuff to do

Not sure if this is still as linear that way. I mean personally I like the way it is written, we should try to keep it as simple as possible. :slight_smile: I don’t want to need a doctor for it to read, understand and do it :wink:

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