Writing SMS module for Bulk Solutions


So, I’m working on a SMS module for Bulk Solutions. I’ve gotten the sending function working fine, but incoming doesn’t seem to work correctly. Bulk, for whatever reason, puts their json in an array even if it’s a single value, which isn’t creating the ticket on SMS.

Parameters: {“RefId”=>“3bdd9522-392b-448c-9eef-0e8ec0a7101f”, “From”=>“1xxxxxxxx05”, “To”=>[“19xxxxxxx50”], “Message”=>“Hhh”, “token”=>“d94dca5052f1d251bf8899113c41aa57”}

Or there something I’m missing… any ideas?

Nobody? Not even a starting point for where to look in the code to strip that out?

Any error messages possibly?
“Doesn’t work” doesn’t help exactly to help you I’m afraid.

I understand that “it doesn’t work” isn’t helpful, but I pointed it out my issue here.

Instead of just putting the SMS inside of a standard non-array, BVS structures all messages the same to limit their codebase. MMS messages can have multiple recipients, so that’s why it’s in an array. Zammad, however, doesn’t seem to like that and it wont read it in/pattern match the incoming phone number because it’s in the json array, instead of just a pure json variable.

I was looking for assistance where I could poke around in the Zammad codebase where I can fix that/strip that out.

Zammad does not support MMS but SMS only.

I tried to find it on a quick run but couldn’t, however, I’m not a developer.
This was the commit that introduced the SMS functionality: Initial SMS integration for trigger notifications and additional chan… · zammad/zammad@22b2f44 · GitHub

Maybe it helps you.