WhatsApp and/or Twilio integration

Im trying to add WhatsApp to my zammad tickets because most of my clients dont want to use telegram.

i have seen this conversation about whatsapp buisness

can i integrate whatsapp to zammad like i can with telegram?
do you know a third party program how can help my?
i have seen twilio whatsapp API but how can i integrate this to my zammad (i can use nodejs).
can i use zammad API for this?
did some one successfully integrated whatsapp so i can use it?
thank you



as you’ve seen seen the rather big discussion, most of the answers to your questions below might not be what you want to hear.

technically yes, if you are able to develop a Zammad addon.
(This requires programmer skills on ruby base)

See: Examples of zpm files?


You use use the Zammad-API for this, but this might be rather trouble some, as Zammad does not have webhooks at this moment. Technically creation of new messages within Zammad are not the issue here, rather getting answers by your agent will be. Quite complex toopic.

Please don’t expectg a walkthrough :slight_smile:

Nobody I know of has this up and running with Zammad at the moment.

Another approach would be -at this moment- custom development.
However, this costs money and might not be what you’re aiming for.

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We’ve built a WhatsApp channel add-on for Zammad. You can learn more about it here:

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