What's the difference between community and business versions

Title: what’s the difference between community and business versions

What is the idea or pain point:
Can we use the community version for commercial purpose?

Expectation (not solution):

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Yes you may use it commercially. Zammad is published under GNU AGPLv3, see Zammad — Zammad documentation

You have to install, maintain and troubleshoot everything on your own with the documentation or solutions posted here on these forums. Please be aware that this is a users help users forum, you are not entitled to support from the developers here.

If you want to have support from the developers, let the team run Zammad in the cloud for you instead of on premise, or simply want to support the company developing Zammad you should look at the commercial variants.

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Community version mainly does receive community support (via this forum) and paid installations and software as a service get priority support by mail / phone depending on what you buy.

You have no obligation to get SaaS nor any support contract if you don’t want to.
You’re possibly on your own when there’s issues without being a paying customer.

If Zammad is not critical for your operation or you’re feeling “safe enough” to run it without any external help you can do so without any issues.

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What would be the limits for commercial use? My company would like to use Zammad as a subsystem and interact with it via API, could it be distributed commercially?

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