What do you do to enhance Customer Portal?

Hi all,
So I’m undergoing changing our internal helpdesk from Spiceworks to Zammad. Out of all the open source helpdesks this is by far the best. Howerver…

With Spiceworks I was able to do all sorts of customisation to make it pritty(ish) and simple for users. I want to make the customer experience as good as possible so this time have a landing page with 3 tiles for IT Helpdesk, HR & Facilities. Then when they click on IT then you get more tiles with options etc (a bit like this http://www.radekklein.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/service-catalogue-2.png )

I also want to use nested/grouped lists so for a Issue they could pick ‘software’ as ‘Outlook’, then ‘Issue’ as ‘Password’ etc. We have hundreds of apps and all sorts of requests so having this granular ability to report is great. We use the helpdesk as a full blow service/feature request tracking also.

I was thinking of using SharePoint or something else as the front end to then push the ticket in to the system but then I also wanted then to be able to see their tickets etc

Just wanted to see what others are doing out there before I really get my teeth in to something and discover a better way!. I don’t want to raise a enhancement request as this is a big change but let me know what you are doing.

Thanks all

(Love Zammad!)

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