Use body message beginning when received subject line is blank

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With many tickets we receive many users often forget to put any subject line. While this is fine, sadly there is currently no easy way to display the message body in any overviews or notifications.

I poked at some code and came up with this small change to put the start of the body into the title of a ticket if it is blank:

This seems useful since we too receive emails which are completely void of any content at all, eg. no subject and body, which our agents should be able to ignore easily but currently can’t.

Would there be any concerns to apply this code change in a production setting except some confusion of why suddenly the body is partially duplicated in the subject?
If there are, is there an easy way to check for both empty subject and body content to filter out those messages? (If it is relevant, we are using a Google channel)

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Sorry but I believe nobody will give you a “dangerous” or “not dangerous” option exactly. (at least not the latter)

Kinda depends on the content you have in the first lines.
Apart from parsing big mails will be an issue for above code I would bet.

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