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@MrGeneration - please ignore. We will resolve this in the Znuny4OTRS-ZammadMigrator. We’re already working on a fix. This will be ready in the next days. I’ll keep you posted @Steffen

Thanks for your quick response.

Hi @Steffen,
i added the missing mapping for the article type of the Znuny4OTRS-ZammadMigrator in otrs 6. If you setup a new zammad and try a new import with the latest version 6.0.5 of the ZammadMigrator you should have correct article types.

Would you be kind enough to test the new version and check if it works?

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Great, I will start a new import.

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Sorry, bad news. The new import is running, the result is remaining: always type “note”.
I have used Znuny4OTRS-Repo 6.0.57 and Znuny4OTRS-ZammadMigrator 6.0.5.

Hey @Steffen - that’s strange. @rolfschmidt is currently on his well deserved vacation. However, it would be great if you could reach out to support@zammad.com and ask for me. I’d like to discuss a few details with you. We’ll figure things out :ok_hand:

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