Trigger for "escalation soon" based on group

Hello, I hope someone will be able to help me.
Is there proper way to create custom notification (trigger) that will fire one time when SLA hit 1 hour mark (or any kind of time mark)? I checked all triggers, but none of them worked.

If i use Scheduler - it’s not fire once, but every run. The only workaround i was able to find is to use tags, so Scheduler will ignore already worked on tickets, but maybe someone know proper way to do Notification about soon-to-expire SLA based on Triggers and not Schedulers?

I wonder why? ;x
Let’s have a look at trigger limitations / scopes (Limitations — Zammad documentation):

Triggers will fire during the following conditions:

  • Creation of a ticket
  • Updating a ticket

TL;DR: This means your situation does not qualify as above mentioned trigger situations and thus will not work.

You may want to consider using schedulers for this:

And that’s correct, because:
Schedulers do act like “cronjobs” and technically can’t differentiate if your ticket was touched before (and isn’t supposed to be anymore).

So using a tag or object to remember not to is exactly what you’ll want to do here.

By the way:
Roughly 10-15 minutes before SLA escalation Zammad will notify your agents based on their notification settings.

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