Translating : some questions

I’d like to update the italian translation; I have a few questions:
if I translate some terms and then later “update to the latest translation”, will I loose all my translations? when I can know that the translation has been accepted?

Another doubt is about the actual translation: it seems a little sloppy to me and also I need to understand how some terms need to be translated. For instance “ticket” is now translated as “request”, which may be not so approppriate. In software, italian translations are often kept in english (“File” would be translated as “File”, not “Archive”), and since Zammad is a ticketing system, I would expect to open a “ticket”. Can I get some guidance about this?

Last thing, If I update some terms to have a better meaning or translation, would existing users complain about it?



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Yes, if you pull the latest translations, your local changes will be lost and overwritten with the current state of translations on our translation server. That is, if your changes haven’t been approved at that moment.

If they have been approved, you’ll get your strings back as part of the default translation.
To allow us to approve your translations, you’ll need to submit your translations from your local installation. Approving might take some time - also we’re not native italian speakers so verification on our end sometimes may lack.

Yep, that’s perfectly possible.
It can always happen that someone’s unhappy with your translation and proboses a translation change of the string in question. I mean, that’s a normal process. So it technically can happen that your translation at some point no longer is valid and might be replaced with another translation.

That’s a really tough question to be honest.
I guess you can find such “issues” in every language.

Personally as a technical person - also in german - I alwqys speak about “Tickets”. However, you can always find another wording that’s not english and might mean the same or something very similar in your language.

To me “File” and “Archive” (at least in english) are two very different things - if talking about files / attachments, it should always be File(s) in my opinion. If you use “Archive”, you might provide the feeling that Zammad provides archiving functionality to users - while we don’t.

Again, there might be differences in your languages and it’s not quite easy to find a perfect way for all languages in general. Still, I hope it helps you to find a good compromise.


Ok thank you very much for the hints! I’ll try and let’s see what happens :grin:

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