Transferring tickets between Groups

Wondering if transferring tickets between groups requires that an Agent/Admin be a member of ALL Groups. Is there way to do this without being a member of a Group?

I ask because we have an HR Channel/Group that can contain tickets with private/confidential information. We may receive a ticket in another Group that does require handoff to HR… but we cannot transfer.

You can give permission to an agent to just change tickets to another group, when the agent changes the ticket’s group he cannot access it anymore.

Ah ha… I see. I will investigate. Thank you Thank you. I didn’t see that… but now I do.

Hi all.

I have the same problem. I didn’t find how to give the right permission to an agent transfer tickets to another group without be IN that group.

Can you show me the right way?


Be sure to assign the Change column for Ticket > Agent. Please confirm. I did not make the setting for us… a coworker did. I’ve asked him to provide me a screenshot cause I’m not sure exactly…

This setting would be in Manage > Roles > choose the Role you want to give Change to (or just choose Full) in your various Groups…
Or you can explicitly define on the Users as well.

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