Time management - Billing best practice

Can anyone advise the best process for managing time spent on ticket for billing customers?

We need to record the time spend, by staff type - example - Analyst, developer etc for billing/ reporting purposes.

thanks .

If you believe your stuff to account time, then Time accounting, if not - I have no idea how it can be possible done with Zammad, but I’m interested too

If you need advanded time accounting, try clockify with browser plugin. You will have a button in each ticket, and the accounted time will be filled in with Ticket Number and title


We use the zammad time accounting. Have created an object “billable” with boolean yes/no and an object “billed” boolean yes/no.

If we already have billed the time, we set “billed yes”.

Then we created a report that shows all “billable yes” and “billed no”. You can export this per year, month, day as csv, open in excel and sort by agent.

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