Ticket Branding


I would like my agents to be able to type a general reply in a plain text format. Ideally, I would like this plain text format to be entered into a specific HTML template and then sent.

For example, agents reply only with “Hello” to a ticket, and then the requester would receive an entirely formatted HTML email with a company signature, logo, and of course “Hello.”

Is this possible in Zammad?

I think you can accomplish what you are asking. The best thing I think would be looking at Text modules.

Is this to be a generic response for every ticket? I’m not sure I understand the use case.

I mean, the agents would do their own custom response, I just wish for that response to be present within our formatted HTML email. Yes, we could just have them import the HTML template and just type in their response inside of it, but I believe that that creates room for issues where agents may accidentally send an email with a messed up HTML format etc.

I think your best bet would be the text modules.


It doesn’t look like it supports source code?

Zammad text editor doesn’t support html.

If you want to hardcode replies, you can create custom notifications.