The Zammad play store app?

Is this an official app? There’s no info anywhere about who’s made it and what data is stored.

No, this is not an official app – even the title shows that:

Zammad Mobile - Powered by Exanion

That app was developed by Exanion UG – the Play Store page also shows some more information about the developer (at the end of the listing, in the last row):
Bernerstraße 2
01217 Dresden

I saw the Powered by, however, many apps are made by third party even while they are official so I thought I’d ask. And now I know :slight_smile:

I visited the site and clicked the Privacy Policy, but they’re basically 404.

Seems to be very new, so I’ll wait until it seems legit at least.

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Haven’t thought about that – sorry, if I came off as harsh.

That’s what I’d recommend.


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