Telegram bot farewell message

Hello! Please tell me, I set up the telegram bot, and there is a farewell message in its settings. I can’t understand in which case it is sent? Thank you!

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I found in the files that it should be sent when using the /exit command, however, when using this command, we do not receive any response from the bots. As I understand it, the bot has two commands “start” and “exit”, but in fact only start works. Please check this moment.


It seems to me that you did not attach some kind of illustration. Checked this command:


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The good bye message works exactly the same way like the welcome message (start vs end).

TL;DR you want to use /end instead of /exit

Thanks, it really worked. It’s strange that it’s not mentioned anywhere.

You mean it’s strange that parts of the documentation might be outdated? Sorry about that.