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Hi All
First post here.

So, we are currently using fresh desk and fresh chat.

With zammad being free (open source) we are attracted to trying it out.

I’m not a developer so cannot use SSH etc but I wonder if anyone here can help us out getting it running on a server? (I’m also not expecting a freebie!).

I would be interested in:
Setting zammad up
Importing from fresh desk
Setting up our email addresses and verifying.

Also interested in understanding how it links to other systems.

For example: we use Linnworks for order management can these be combined together. Like, if a customer raises a support ticket, can it also show on screen there order?

Orders come through magento by the way (soon to be shopify).

Also looked at Odoo - but it completely confused me!!

Thanks in advance for any help or advise

I’m sorry to say this but the free version might not be the right software for you. Paying someone once to set it up for you will not be sufficient, you need someone with a good understanding of the technical side to maintain the system and the database, install updates, make modifications etc. If you always have to find someone to do this for your company this will be a frustrating and expensive endeavour.
You should consider the hosted version if you are really interested in Zammad.


Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t aware that there was a hosted version. Where do I find this?

Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile:
You can find the vendor hosted setups here:

There’s a 30 days free trial within the professional package with up to 3 agents:

If you don’t like it you just don’t provide any payment details and the instance will be removed without any hassles or strings attached. :muscle:

Selfhosted installations require regular maintenance e.g. by updating the instance which requires technical know how. If you don’t have that know-how in house the best pick would be to use a cloud service or find someone qualified to maintain the instance for you.

Right now we have no qualification process, but we have trainings if that helps.

By the way - sugar on top for hosted: You have support included. :nerd_face:

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