[solved] Update Zammad 2.9 Via Deb not working (DEBIAN 8.11)


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  • Used Zammad version 2.5:
  • Used Zammad installation DEB
  • Operating system: DEBIAN 8
  • Browser + version: actual Firefox

Expected behavior:

  • update too Zammad 2.9 via DEB

Actual behavior:

  • update wasn’t possible

apt-get upgrade

will not show zammad package for upgrade

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Install before these packages afterwood make a apt-get update and apt-get upgrade again.

apt-get install libimlib2 libimlib2-dev

Like here:

This is a normal behaviour of apt-get update, we cannot change this.
During upgrading, apt will let you know it’s skipping Zammad as package for some reason.

apt-get install zammad would solve this problem as well, as the install flag cares about solving dependencies (update flag does not and if you don’t have the dependency, you “loose”)

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