[SLA] Need help understanding "update_in_min"

Hi everybody

While scanning through the ticket fields is noticed the field “update_in_min”. After reading: List of Indexed Attributes — Zammad documentation I am not sure how to “understand” this field.

  • Does this field track all “updates” (eg. adding a tag or change custom object)?
  • Or does this field track the last “response to the customer”? (which would definitively make more sense)
  • Is this field affected by the SLA settings “update time” (“between agent updates” or “agent to respond” Learn by example — Zammad documentation)

Thank you for your clarification!

BR wucherpfennig

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update_in_min is always the last value applicable unless the new value to be stored is actually less than the currently stored value.

At least according to that code portion: zammad/escalation.rb at 24c3bdfd8748874cb5f16c4e618cf78cded47743 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

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