SLA Customization

Is it possible to have a custom Ticket Selector in the SLA. For example, currently there are 3 options in the Priority section (1 low, 2 medium, 3 high). Could these fields be customized to say something different, such as (When possible, Unable to do my job, etc.). I am not a programmer, but if someone is able to tell me how to adjust the code, that works too.

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Sorry I’m not getting the picture here.
What exactly is your use case / your goal and what does it have to do with SLAs? :slight_smile:

The use case would be for the person entering the ticket to choose a priority level. For example, if the user cannot print they could choose “need immediate assistance”. Whereas, if the user needs access to a certain blocked website, they could choose “when possible”.

one solution is to execute ruby code in the rails console (I let you dig to the documentation about the rails console):

$ rails c
    id: 4, # NOT MANDATORY but required 
             # if you want to update and change the name
    name: 'No business impact',
    default_create: false,
    ui_icon: 'low-priority',
    ui_color: 'low-priority',
    note: 'Customer’s business is not impacted at all.',
    active: true,
    created_by_id: 1,
    updated_by_id: 1,

Only Option I see here (as of now) is to have a custom object that allows your customers to set the priority. Together with a trigger updating the internal priority.

I came up with similar design, I have set up groups for levels of support (critical, medium, minimum,…). You can select Groups that customers see when creating a ticket.

Then, I have triggers to set Priority according to the group, Tag based on the Priority. The tags allow me to see quickly what levels the ticket reach (because its priority and group can change).