Set language for automatic responses

Dear Community,

I am currently evaluating Zammad and have come across a challenge that I cannot find a solution for. So far all settings were pretty intuitive and the almost all other questions were answered by searching the documentation and this forum.

The challenge (I have): in an environment where agents answer tickets in two or three languages, how do I ensure that automatic responses to customers are sent in the correct language for the respective customer. Zammad is set up in German, as most of the agent are German speaking, but answers may be in German, English or French.
I do not seem to be able to associate a language with a customer to ensure that responses, respectively texts from the text modules are in the correct language.
I would appreciate a pointer in the right direction or, even better, a tip from someone which has this situation, on how to overcome this challenge.

Zammad can’t detect the language of your user in the way you’d need in this scenario. It detects which language it should display in the browser view based on the browser’s preferences - but that doesn’t apply for stuff like e.g. email.

So in order to achieve what you’re trying to do, the easiest way is: To know what your user speaks as language. Have a custom attribute (select at best) which contains the three languages you support in. As default value “english” doesn’t hurt I’d say.

Then have three independent triggers that fires depending on the language attribute of the ticket customer set. So one trigger per language. This is the easiest and best approach right now to achieve this.