Retrieve and send agents (private) e-mail

We use zammad for ticket processing like probably many of you. However, it is often the case that e-mail is sent directly to the agents / users. In our case every employee has his own e-mail from the system and gets LDAP access to zammad. Unfortunately it is not possible yet or we do not know how it works that you can retrieve your own e-mails in the portal. For us it would make sense that every agent / user can view his e-mails arriving on his own e-mail account directly in the portal and if necessary can move them to other streams / groups. It would also be useful for us if certain tickets could be sent from the private agent email. So far we haven’t found this function, only that several e-mail addresses can be stored in the outbound. Since we want to automate the whole thing via LDAP and finally everyone who should be able to send a ticket from his private e-mail, I think that would be a system-wide setting.

Unfortunately, we are still quite new with zammad, but we also have an IT team, which can implement profound changes via the CLI or in the code.

Thank you very much for your help
and we are curious whether the described functions are not already available, since presumably several enterprises need this function.

Many greetings

Fetching agent mails to Zammad is -in my opinion- an awfull idea.
You’ll also fetch notifications and stuff, this doesn’t matter for password resets as you’re using LDAP, but is still a bad idea.

Besides: If your agent changes his LDAP-Password, your E-Mail-Account might change as well and this will give you a great load of work with just enough agents.

  • Depending on what E-Mail-System you use, you might want to think about server based rules like
    -> if users moves mail to Zammad, then bounce it to zammad@domain.tld and remove it from the folder (as example)
  • If you use exchange, you can do that with public folders if needed.
  • If you don’t use Outlook, you can bounce e-mails without trouble, as forwarding would use the wrong customer.

I hope this helps at least a bit.
I’ve seen your use case in veeryyyyy rare cases and above points normally work.

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